Tea Type Description Blender
English Breakfast Black Traditional blend of full-bodied, black teas.  Green Tree, Lincolnville
Earl Grey Black Blend of orange pekoe black tea and bergamot flavoring. Smooth, elegant, citrus notes. Green Tree, Lincolnville
Darjeeling FTGFOP Black First flush. Classically astringent. Light liquor. Green Tree, Lincolnville
Masala Chai Black Traditional blend of black tea, ginger root, cardamom, cinnamon and flavoring.  Green Tree, Lincolnville
Mango OP Black Blend of orange pekoe black tea, mango flavoring and marigold petals. Subtle flavor. Green Tree, Lincolnville
Breakfast Blend Black Strong, hearty, full bodied. Green Tree, Lincolnville
Breakfast Blend Decaf Black Classic blend. CO₂ decaffeination process. Green Tree, Lincolnville
Yunnan Gold Tip Black Black Gold Tip leaves among the black leaves, and an abundance of rich, peppery flavor. Teas of Cherryfield
Gingerbread Black Black Premium Black Tea from Ceylon with Gingerbread  flavoring and gingerbread spices.   Teas of Cherryfield
Ceylon Supreme Pekoe Black classic iced tea blend Green Tree, Lincolnville
Ceylon Citrus Black Green Tree, Lincolnville
Formosa Standard Oolong Black Origin: Hsin Chu Hsien, Taiwan. Large, coarse leaf. Full mellow cup. Green Tree, Lincolnville
Pomegranate Green Green Fresh, fruity aroma. Smooth, sweet and light with subtle flavor and a hint of tartness. Green Tree, Lincolnville
Organic Green Pear Green  aromatic blend of China Sencha and Himalaya green tea with pear pieces and marigold flowers  Green Tree, Lincolnville
Maine Blueberry Deliciously sweet and fruity aroma with a subtle blueberry flavor Green Tree, Lincolnville
Jasmine Green Scented green tea with jasmine petals. Delicate aroma. Sweet, light, floral cup Green Tree, Lincolnville
Organic Green Apple  Green A delicious and aromatic flavored blend of China Chun Mee green tea and apple pieces Green Tree, Lincolnville
Spearmint C/S Herbal Cut and sifted herbal tea. Leafy with a bright minty aroma. Less menthol than peppermint, but is rich in limonene. [Kosher] Green Tree, Lincolnville
Peppermint C/S Herbal Cut and sifted herbal tea. Refreshing, minty flavor. Smooth finish. Green Tree, Lincolnville
Endless Summer Herbal Summer peach, hibiscus, and a touch of summer rose, this white tea base will make you think of sweet and tangy pleasures of summer Green Tree, Lincolnville
Organic Rooibos Herbal Organic. Caffeine-free. High in antioxidants. Dark red liquor. Green Tree, Lincolnville
White Chocolate Rooibos Herbal Rooibos, cacao nibs and flavoring. Caffeine-free. Smooth and creamy. Rich aroma. Red liquor. Green Tree, Lincolnville
Rooibos Caramel Herbal Combines the sweet creaminess of Caramel  bits and natural caramel flavor with the fruity,  sweet, mild  herbaceousness  of  the  Rooibos. Teas of Cherryfield
Cranberry Apple Herbal pungent with a rich fruity character Selah Tea, Waterville
Bourbon Street Vanilla Herbal natural bourbon vanilla flavor, almond flakes and calendula petals in a base of rooibos tea Selah Tea, Waterville
Jasmine With Flowers Herbal green tea with suprising body and floral character Selah Tea, Waterville
Yerba Mate Contains Caffeine. Cut and sifted herbal tea. Known for energizing & health benefits. Green Tree, Lincolnville
Fruit Basket Herbal raspberry and red berries mixed with apple pieces, hibiscus petals, elderberries, rosehip peel, cranbery slices, blackberries, and Morello cherries. Green Tree, Lincolnville