Coffee Roast Description Roaster
Bike Maine Peaks Blend Blend of three single-origin American varieties, each with a different roast profile.  50 cents from every pound goes to the Bike Coalition of Maine. Bold Coast, Machias
Moka Java Blend A Blend of Java and Ethiopia Moka Harrar Carrabasset, Sugarloaf
Penobscot Bay Blend  A blend of Central and South American Coffees. Greentree, Lincolnville
Backdraft Dark Roast Very dark, smoky, and alluring. Carrabasset, Sugarloaf
Black Beauty Dark Roast Dark Roasted Ethiopian.  Fruity and flavorful.  Tessier Farm, Skowhegan
Black Beauty Dark Roast Dark Roasted Ethiopian.  Fruity and flavorful.  Tessier Farm, Skowhegan
Boat Yard Dog Dark Roast A full, Earthy body and a high-toned fruit finish.  Certified organic by MOFGA Rock City, Rockland
Bull Calf Decaf Dark Roast Moderate body, low acid, with nutty undertone Tessier Farm, Skowhegan
Costa Rica Tarrazu Dark Roast From the Costa Rican district of Tarrazu, at an altitude of 6,200 feet  these coveted "strictly hard beans" are some of the highest quality Costa Rica has to offer. Bold Coast, Machias
Electric Fence Espresso Dark Roast three way blend roasted for a full body, rich flavor and intensity Tessier Farm, Skowhegan
Espresso Decaf Dark Roast A perfect blend of beans to satisfy the most discriminating espresso drinker. 100% Chemical Free Water Process. Rock City, Rockland
Farmer's Delight Dark Roast This dark, rich, and smooth cup will get you going in the morning with the roosters! Tessier Farm, Skowhegan
Half Calf Dark Roast  A 50/50 blend dark roasted with just half the caffiene. Tessier Farm, Skowhegan
Rooster Roast Dark Roast A traditional French roast blend of Colombia Supremo, Guatemala, Costa Rica, and Sumatra. Carrabasset, Sugarloaf
Royal Tar Dark Roast a harmonium of rich Swiss chocolate, fruit and nut, with a strong smoky finish. 44 North, Deer Isle
Wicked Italian Dark Roast delightful blend of Latin American and Indonesian beans roasted a bit longer for a dark, rich velvety sweetness Wicked Joe, Topsham
Jamaica Me Crazy Flavored vanilla/nut/kahlua/caramel Carrabasset, Sugarloaf
Downeast Blend French Roast organic Farmhouse Roasters, Winterport
Fire On The Mountain French Roast A traditional French Roast with African, Indonesian, and Central American beans. Rock City, Rockland
Jet French Roast smooth, sweet blend of beans from South America, Indonesia, and India Rock City, Rockland
Maniac Brew French Roast smooth body, caramel and swiss chocolate flavor, and nice acidity with a hint of orange.  Grown in Planadas, Tolima, Colombia at a high altitude near 2,000 meters above sea level. Farmhouse Roasters, Winterport
Mountain Stream  Decaf French Roast water processed, organic Farmhouse Roasters, Winterport
Wicked French French Roast Balanced blend of high grown coffees.  Smoky aromatic undertones and an unexpected hint of sweetness. Wicked Joe, Topsham
Cascara Light Roast Cascara is the dried skins of coffee cherries.  This coffee is brewed like tea. Farmhouse Roasters, Winterport
Sunrise Blend Light Roast A combination of mild Centrals and Sumatra coffees Carrabasset, Sugarloaf
Bali Blue Moon Medium Roast Low acidity, notes of walnut and an earthy body with a smooth full finish. Rock City, Rockland
Brazil Santos Medium Roast Smooth, low acid, and easy on the stomach Tessier Farm, Skowhegan
Chick Starter Medium Roast This Hondoran bean will get your morning growing! Clean on your palate with a nice finish.  Tessier Farm, Skowhegan
Colombia Medium Roast Sweet and spicy aroma with a rich dark chocolate body & high citrus notes. 44 North, Deer Isle
Mid Morning Grind  - Peru El Cautivo Medium Roast This organic coffee bean is grown in the high altitude regions of Northern Peru. Moderately acidic with a soft body and cocoa powder flavor.  Farmhouse Roasters, Winterport
New Orleans Blend Regular & Decaf Medium Roast Coffee & Chicory blend Community, Baton Rouge